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Social Skills Games

Ryuu – The Game®:
Using a Fantasy World of Dragons
to Build Social Skills in Humans

Coming very soon, a new product:

The Ryuu Bundle – Social Skills Activities

Social Skills Games and Activities for Children and Teens with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Flexibility card

Ryuu – The Game® is a collection of social skills card games and learning activities, inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon®, that teach social and emotional skills to children and teens with autism, Asperger Syndrome, and other autism spectrum disorders.  Ryuu is a set of non-competitive and therapeutic games that teach communication skills by combining fantasy worlds, card collecting, and role play to make learning fun
and meaningful.

The Ryuu games employ a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approach to teaching communication skills, which makes them ideal for therapists, school teachers, and parents to use when working with children and teenagers.

The Ryuu games follow six Dragons as they evolve from “Bablings” to “Big Wings” in four stages, becoming more socially adept with every evolution.  Challenging these Dragons are the 17 Dark Forces – invisible villains who make us all socially inept.  Helping the Dragons are the 17 Light Forces – invisible heroes who help us all to be
socially successful.

Children and teens learn how to improve their real-life communication skills through a series of adult-led social skills activities where they help the Dragons choose the best way to respond to imaginary social situations.  The players also learn to identify and name their social behavior using the Light and Dark Forces depicted on the cards.

Empathar cardThe Books of Ryuu CD-ROM presents the mythology of Ryuu in an interactive format designed to both fascinate and instruct.  Browsing through the beautifully designed pages, you can learn about the Dragons and the Forces of Ryuu.  There is an interactive map, there are stories and poems about each of the Dragons and the Forces, and there is a glossary that defines such terms as “Garplunk!” (what the Dragons of Ryuu say to each other after they sneeze).

Children and teens can further explore the world of Ryuu with custom Ryuu stickers, rub-on Ryuu tattoos, and a poster that displays all of the Dragons and Forces of Ryuu.

Like with Magic Cards, Pokemon®, and other fantasy role playing games, children can immerse themselves in the world of Ryuu, and can learn from the struggles and triumphs of the Dragons as they work to become masters of their
social world.