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Social Skills Games

Using a Fantasy World of Dragons
to Build Social Skills in Humans

Social Skills Activities and Games for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum

Flexibility card

Ryuu products are a collection of social skills activities and therapeutic games, inspired by Pokémon and other fantasy genres, that teach social and emotional skills to children and teens with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other related conditions. The non-competitive games and learning activities teach social, communication and emotional skills by building on fantasy and play themes that interest many children.

Ryuu learning activities employ diverse methods designed to capture the interests of children with a range of interests and abilities. There are simple coloring sheets of dragons with social skills challenges and also illustrated writing prompts for more able children to compare themselves to the dragons. There is a simple memory social skills card game to help learn the Ryuu characters. There are also challenging card game questions intended to push older or more astute students to work hard on issues related to social communication, dealing with anxiety, and anger management.

Empathar cardThe Ryuu World features six Dragons with social and emotional problems who want to learn and “evolve” like other dragons. The Dragons do this by getting help from 18 “Light Forces” characters and learning to fight against 17 “Dark Force” characters. The six Dragons, evolving through four stages, and the Light and Dark Forces, make up the 62 Ryuu cards.

Children on the autism spectrum typically learn and remember these card characters the same way they memorize characters from cartoons, video games or Pokémon. Children can immerse themselves in the world of Ryuu, learning from the struggles and triumphs of the Dragons who become masters of their social world.